Eco Attractions

Zoos, aquariums, eco parks, and more. Check out some examples some of places we've worked with.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle) is a theme park, zoo, botanical garden and conference center located on an island between Miami Beach and downtown Miami. Its heritage dates back to the mid 1930s as a classic Florida attraction and one of the five founding members of the Florida Attractions Association.

Jungle Island struggled financially after relocating to its current location in 2004. The owner, seeking a new strategy to find success and preserve this beloved attraction, turned to Iconic Attractions Group for the solution. Iconic came to Jungle Island in 2013 as manager of the park and minority owner.

Iconic rapidly implemented best practices, turning around the business while developing a plan for the future to spark future investment and growth of the park as a business and economic engine for the community. In 2017, Iconic brought in $60M in new investment for with a commitment of over $100M more from new owners. Iconic and team had to win the approval of City, County, State and Federal government in addition to the private equity market to launch the plan. After weathering the challenge of Hurricane Irma, Iconic led the successful effort to extend Jungle Island’s lease and its protections into the twenty-first century by winning a referendum of Miami voters.

Colorful Chinese lanterns in the shape of sea life rise above a natural fish habitat at an eco-park and animal sanctuary and theme park in Miami during a festival.
An elevated walkway winds through trees above animal habitats at the most visited charity nonprofit zoo and conservation park in the world.

San Diego Zoo

Our founder was Director here for five years. The most respected zoo in the world, the San Diego Zoo hosts over four million annual visitors and leads the world in wildlife conservation through species survival plans (SSPs). The zoo, established in 1916, is San Diego’s most visited attraction and is located on city property in Balboa Park. Boasting fourteen restaurants, more than 3,500 animals, extensive tour operations and a significant arboretum, the San Diego Zoo is a global conservation icon.